Pal Alto Coffee AVAILABLE to Wholesale Customers

Cafe' Palo Alto is 100% Arabica coffe from Chiriqui, Panama! Grown at high altitude on the slopes of Volca"n Baru" and picked only when the beans are ripe and ready to be harvested.  Our soil is a rich 4 1/2 deep volcanic soil full of minerals to give our coffee its great taste.

We control the whole process of producing our coffee from growing the beans, harvesting the crop, drying it, roasting until just right, and triple packaging for long term freshness.  We only offer whole bean coffee.  We do not burn our beans!!!! (French Roast).

In September our 1000 lb crop of Geisha Coffee was sold at auction for $823 a pound!!! Yes, that is correct $823 a pound.  We offer the finest coffee in the world

Our Pal Alto Coffee  from Panama  is the finest in the world - Panama Cafe Palo Alto Whole Roasted Coffee Beans Arabica (425gr.15 Oz). Freshly Imported. Great Quality Beans From the Highlands of Chiriqui (Boquete) .Best Coffee from Central America. Sold in 1 lbs bags and available for wholesale and retail purchases. 

A one pound bag is $15.  A 12 bag case is $150

Posted On Thu June 28th 2018