Alligator Club Chairs


A unique pair of American alligator upholstered club chairs from the late 1920's.  The frames were purchased as French but they have what we think are English castors.  We will call them French Club Chairs, perhaps.  The frames were in good shape when purchased but the leather was rotted.  19 American alligator hides were purchased to cover the two chairs using the original leather as a pattern and guide.  It took a whole box of titanium sewing needles to sew the thick hides together.  After six months of work the chairs are ready for sale. 

We have searched everywhere trying to find a comparable set of chairs.  We did find a pair of leather chairs stamped in faux alligator sold for $35,000. 

This pair is unique in the world.  The detail on the upholstry is superb.  The arms are sprung as are the seats.  They are soooo comfortable.

We are only asking $35,000 for the pair.  They are easly worth double that amount.  We will gladly send you additional pictures as needed.